Whilst we’d all like to believe we do our jobs with utmost professionalism and diligence, sometimes, there are circumstances that in the eyes of your clients, should have been foreseen.

Contrary to what people believe, very few claims in professional services are for ‘poor advice’, most allegations made by your customers are for alleged or a perceived ‘failure to provide advice’.

Some professionals in Australia operate within highly legislated environments making this very challenging for insurers to manage their exposures. Legislation can change quickly, affecting the way a policy may respond in the event of action being brought against you.

Knowing what exposures your Professional Indemnity policy is going to provide coverage on is one thing, having a broad understanding of what it will not cover is arguably more important.

When you engage Alleviate Risk, we’ll not only walk you through the typical exposures in your industry but also initiate a much deeper discussion on where your policy’s coverage will cease, highlighting areas of risk mitigation to implement in your own business models.

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