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Founder & Director – Brisbane Office

As a business owner with over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry, Morgan provides the most relevant and up-to-date risk management strategies available.

With Morgan’s industry-gained knowledge backed by his academic standing through the Queensland University of Technology’s MBA Program and Australian Catholic University’s Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Risk, he brings to the table a unique practical knowledge base that has accelerated many of his client’s business growth to date.

Morgan says, “Good risk management is about understanding the varying elements of risk that businesses face on a day-to-day basis and working out ways to either alleviate the exposure internally or transfer the risk to a contract of insurance”.

Most insurance brokers will advise you to use an insurance policy as your first line of defence when in fact, insurance should be used as a last resort.

Jamie Barmby

Jamie Barmby


(Part Time – Returning from Maternity Leave)

Jamie Barmby started her insurance career in the small coastal town of Merimbula, where she grew up, feeding her passion for insurance and helping those around her.

With over 12 years of experience under her belt and a wealth of knowledge gained from travelling the world and living overseas, Jamie brings her expertise and passion to Alleviate and is keen to work with those lucky enough to come her way.

Jamie’s core strengths lie in operational and claims management. Her attention to detail and ability to engage stakeholders for a consistent outcome in clients’ claims is second to none.

Jamie is well sought after by our clients who love her outlook on life, her technical knowledge, and her ability to articulate complex policy wordings in easy-to-understand language.

Sarah Hazzard

Sarah Hazzard

Account Executive, Noosa Office

Sarah Hazzard began her insurance career in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience in the general insurance broking industry across all product lines.

Having run and personally funded startup businesses which included a very successful CrossFit Gym in Brisbane, Sarah understands the mechanics and difficulties associated with running a small business. Sarah is well-known in the industry for her attention to detail and customer service.

Throughout Sarah’s broking career, she has specialised in various insurance product lines, including Commercial Business Packages, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Indemnity, Liability, Commercial Motor, and Residential and Commercial Government Funded Contract Works Projects.

When you’re looking for a risk advisor, it’s rare to find a combined skill set that encompasses both technical broking knowledge and real-life boots-on-the-ground experience in all aspects of and complexities in running your own business. Sarah certainly fits this bill and is regularly sought out by new clients looking for this specific skill set in their chosen risk advisor.

Kimberleigh O’Brien

Account Executive – Noosa Office

Kim commenced her insurance career in 2004 with a leading international broking firm based in Brisbane specialising in the Building Design Professional Indemnity program, amongst other product lines. Discovering a skillset for professional risks, Kim progressed to a small team running the national REIQ Real Estate Professional Indemnity scheme.

In 2008, furthering her career, Kim moved to a suburban brokerage based in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, servicing all product lines with particular exposure to heavy/yellow plant and equipment. After recently moving back to the Sunshine Coast, Kim Joined the team at Alleviate Risk based in our Noosa office.

Kim has a very broad knowledge of all product lines in the General Insurance sector but has a particular passion for dealing with the high energy of Entrepreneurs. Understanding their time and resource pressures, Kim thoroughly enjoys the breadth and complexity of operations in this specialised area of the business environment and is always confident and willing to provide on-point advice regarding complex entrepreneurial business insurance needs.

Holly Kidd

Account Executive/Claims Management – Noosa Office

Holly began her commercial Insurance Broking career with a suburban broker in 2012 and harmoniously fell into her niche handling claims. Coupled with her empathetic nature and communication skills, Holly strives to obtain the best outcome for clients whilst understanding how to articulate outcome expectations throughout the claims process.

Further developing her career in the commercial space, Holly has since progressed into managing all commercial lines in the insurance sector with a particular skill set in hospitality and trades.

Joining the Alleviate Risk team in our Noosa office in 2022, Holly is continually expanding her knowledge in the Commercial Insurance Sector as well as managing claims whilst Jamie is on Maternity leave.

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