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We love a bit of fun and a good adventure in this country, but accidents happen, sometimes bad ones and usually, people and property get injured or damaged as a result. This makes business owners in these fields nervous, and rightly so.

With the number of claims arising from this community, finding the right insurer can be a mountainous task.

If you’ve met our team, you’d know we also love a great adventure and the Alleviate ‘Pool Room’ shows our love for adventure in this great country.

Our first-hand experience with Adventures Sports, from the likes of The Fink Desert Race, Spearfishing in the Coral Sea to competitive Adventure races and everything in between, we’re at the forefront of providing up to date advice on insurer markets and industry contacts for building your own internal risk management processes.

With constant upward pressure on compliance and governance, Alleviate knows that businesses within this field need to look at the way they trade with the view to reduce risk and thus reduce premiums.

In this space, the more risk you can mitigate internally, the better. Not only will you have access to more insurers but also likely lower premiums.

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