My insurance situation is a case of good versus better. I really didn’t have any complaints with my previous insurance provider. But when Jessica showed me how well she understood my business and outlined the services she could provide, it was a no brainer to change brokers.

While Jessica has always been thorough and professional, the word that best describes her is ‘proactive.’ In finding the best small business insurance for me, she had a fully encompassing plan right from the beginning. This meant I was able to get perfectly customised insurance, with the highest possible coverage.

It’s very clear to me that she has my best interests at heart. Through her words and actions, she works with her client in mind. Her responses are always quick and actions that need to be taken are done in a timely manner.

Recently, I felt 100% secure in recommending Jessica to a close colleague and she is just as delighted with Jessica as I am.

Director – Sam Burgess, Bloom Australia


Sarah was a client of mine at my hair salon. One day, I was telling her that the insurance landscape was so confusing – what insurance to get and who to get it from. While she was still getting her hair done, Sarah got her lap top out and started to explain about the available options.

I found that I needed several types of insurance – car, contents, public liability and income protection. She made it so easy. She helped me with filling out forms and was able to put everything under one umbrella.

In the two years Sarah has been my broker, I’ve been so happy with the service she has provided. Sarah has shown that she is invested in me and my business on a personal level. She is a genuine, lovely person, warm and friendly, and easy to talk to.

Sarah has never let me down – so if you’re looking for a broker that you can absolutely rely on, talk to Sarah.

Director – Faith Williams, Blondee

Complete Weed Maintenance

I had a major problem with my previous broker. There were times when I really needed to discuss important matters that could only be talked about over the phone. But he made it clear to me he only wanted to deal with issues via email. This was something I found incredibly frustrating.

Jamie has been awesome when it comes to communication right from the beginning – a view shared by members of my staff as well.

I need to have a total of 7 motor vehicles insured at any one time. When I first went to Jamie, not only did she find a policy that gave me a considerable cost saving, she was also able to put all my vehicles into one package.

Since then, she’s been extremely efficient in getting results. When I’ve had a couple of incidents involving my vehicles, she made life simple at my end by taking care of everything at her end.

Over the time I’ve had Jamie as my broker, I’ve come to trust her completely. She’s always been the total professional – ethical, friendly and easy to deal with. Most importantly, she’s never let me down. I couldn’t ask for a better broker than Jamie.

Director – Craig Gale, Complete Weed Maintenance

Pole Walking Australia

Although my company is a start-up, I have had a lot to do with Insurance Brokers through my work as a finance consultant. As a result, I have a good understanding of what it takes to be a success when it comes to risk assessment.

The first broker I spoke to about insurance for my business didn’t really show interest because we were a start-up. I asked around to see if anyone I knew could recommend someone and was referred to Sarah by a work colleague.

I was impressed with Sarah’s professionalism the first time I talked to her. She spoke in a way that showed she knew what she was talking about and was keen to assist us in every way she could.

As an Australian distributor for a Canadian based company, we had very specific insurance requirements with our licencing arrangement. Through Sarah’s excellent, proactive approach to communication, she quickly and clearly understood our requirements and was dogged in chasing cover for us at a realistic price.

Overall, I’m delighted with Sarah and wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her services.

Director – David Pratt, Pole Walking Australia

Enviro Prep

When I first started my business 4 years ago, I really didn’t have much idea about public liability insurance. I really needed an insurance broker to walk me through the process of getting insurance step by step.

I quickly found that my mobile sand blasting business didn’t fall into a regular coverage category. There were all kinds of technical terms I was getting bombarded with and I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Luckily for me, I found Sarah. She was so easy to talk to, taking the time to explain complicated issues in a clear and simple way. She was always prompt in responding to the questions I sent by email and would either answer the phone right away or call be back within a short space of time.

I love the ease and efficiency Sarah brings to the table. This, on top of the excellent coverage she helped us obtain are the reasons why I completely trust her to take care of me and my company.

Managing Director – Michelle Hetaraka, Enviroprep

Danger Solutions

Prior to working with Morgan, I had another insurance broker. When my insurance came up for renewal, I was very dissatisfied with the service he provided. It usually took a couple of weeks to get a response to a question, and when he did get back to me, I could see he didn’t grasp my business.

Engaging Morgan was a very welcome change. I needed someone who could understand my training and protective systems – how they worked in a complementary, concurrent way – and Morgan delivered. Within a week, he had worked hard to understand every aspect he didn’t already know, allayed any fears the UK underwriter had, and arranged effective cover specific to my needs.

In the past, I had a lot of headaches with my insurance – sending a ton of emails and spending hours of time getting nowhere. Now, I have someone that’s given me the best possible service and results. In short, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m exceptionally pleased to have Morgan as my insurance broker.

Director – Dan Richmond, Danger Solutions

Brisbane City Landscapes

I had major issues with the large insurance company that previously handled my public liability insurance.

When on the phone, they would put me on hold for long periods of time or switch me from one person to another without clearly telling me why. And they were slow to respond to emails.

On top of all that, the cost of the insurance seemed quite high and this was confirmed when I talked about it with colleagues.

Sarah came highly recommended to me, and I’m very pleased she was. She was ethical and professional – and friendly at the same time. She always got back to me quickly and focused on understanding things from my perspective.

Best of all, Sarah found public liability insurance for me that provided excellent cover, yet was only one third the cost of the previous premium. This was an absolutely fantastic result for me and my business. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.

Director – Jack Blair-Swannell, Brisbane City Landscapes

A Class Business Finance

At A Class Business Finance, we firmly believe our success is built on our WHY – creating lasting relationships built on trust and making a difference. We choose Morgan Appleby at Alleviate Risk to advise us on our risk management strategies because our WHYs are so closely aligned.

Morgan makes a difference by having an unparalleled knowledge about managing exposures and how to address our specific requirements in the most effective way. His risk mitigation strategies have enabled us to avoid potential pitfalls, allowing our business to expand in both a healthy and stable manner.

We have been dealing with Morgan over a number of years and his meticulous attention to detail and continuing expert advice means that we have complete trust in Alleviate Risk. When it comes to risk management, we wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.

Chris Beath, A Class Business Finance

RAS Creative Engineering

As a startup company, it was important to me to make good decisions right from the beginning – including choosing the right broker for my professional indemnity and public liability insurance. I quickly found that it wasn’t easy. The insurance industry in Australia has so many options when it comes to brokers and policies, I wasn’t sure about the best way to move forward.

A previous business partner of mine recommended that I talk to Morgan. Because of the high-risk nature of my industry, it had been difficult to find the right level of expertise, but that wasn’t the case with Morgan. He wasn’t just interested in making a sale – he took his time to thoroughly explain things, and to make sure that I clearly understood my options.

Engineering businesses like mine must not only legally have both types of insurance, it’s also important to have the right kind of insurance. Morgan ensured that I have the very best available cover, and I can now concentrate on building my business without any insurance worries.

Roger Sallenbach, RAS Creative Engineering

Gateway Energy

The changing insurance environment created a need for us to find an alternative insurance product. When we went looking for support, we found that Morgan was just the kind of broker we were looking for.

Morgan demonstrated an enquiring mind and effective communication to ensure he had a thorough and complete understanding of our business profile. He clarified the complexities around key issues and made recommendations about changes that would undoubtedly improve our position.

We’re very aware that insurers can often be quick to decline risk applications, especially when the market is tight. One of the best things about engaging Morgan was his tenacity – he was able to successfully allay insurer concerns, recalibrating a solution after receiving knockbacks without compromising on our outcomes.

The end result was that the insurance product Morgan chose for us protected and continues to protect our interests. Without Morgan sourcing the right insurance product for us, we would have had difficulty meeting our contractual obligations and it would have proved a hindrance in tender negotiations. Thanks to Morgan, we are in a better position to forge ahead with our business with the confidence that we have the right insurance products to meet our needs and remain competitive in our market.

Anthony Swincer, Gateway Energy

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