Does your current insurance broker understand your business?


Morgan Appleby

Do they have a vested interest in your survival? As a business owner myself and over 15 years’ experience in the insurance industry, I will provide you with the most relevant and up to date risk management strategies available. I will always offer you the same advice that I would want to receive myself should the roles be reversed, that being advice which doesn’t just focus on business survival, but also encompasses strategies what will help my business to grow and thrive.

Good risk management is about understanding the varying elements of risk that your business faces on a day to day basis, followed by the development of ways to either reduce or control these risks, in order to prevent setbacks from occurring. Most insurance brokers will advise you to use an insurance policy as your first line of defence against these risks, when in fact, insurance should be used as a last resort.

Insurers price their products according to the probability of you making a claim, and the likely size of that claim. To assess the likelihood of you making a claim, they look at the risks your business and industry faces, how well you manage them and what the consequences will be if a loss occurs. Ultimately, good risk management leads to a lower rate of claims and that, in turn, will lead to lower premiums.

After conducting a comprehensive review of your current insurance program, I will help you to develop a personalised and cost effective risk management solution for your business by:

  • identifying the risks which are unique to your business and your industry in general whilst assessing the impact those events may have on your business;
  • focusing on the strengths of your business to help you to put systems in place to mitigate those risks; and
  • preventing those risks from turning into a major interference in generating revenue, by the transference of some of those risks to insurance policies.

This approach will not only provide you with a long term strategy for mitigating potential risk factors within your business, but it will assist in formulating an insurance program for your business that, in the event of a major loss, is able to provide sufficient financial reimbursement for you to continue in business.

As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, when I get to know businesses in such a personal way, I tend develop a vested interest in their success. One of the greatest joys I derive from my work is watching a client achieve remarkable things, and knowing that I have contributed, in some small way, to their success. So when you appoint me as your broker, I will not only be there for you when things get tough – I want to hear about your successes and I will gladly lend an ear anytime you want to talk business.

Jamie Barmby

jamie-barmbyJamie Barmby started her insurance career in the small costal town of Merimbula where she grew up, feeding her passion for insurance and helping those around her.

With over 7 years of experience under her belt and a wealth of knowledge gained from traveling the world and living overseas, Jamie brings her expertise and passion to Alleviate and is keen to work with those lucky enough to come her way.

Sarah Hazzard

sarah-crop-ratioSarah Hazzard commenced in the insurance industry in 2002 and has over 10 years experience in the insurance broking field.

Throughout Sarah’s career she has specialised in a variety of insurance product lines: Commercial Business Packages, Workers Compensation, Housing industry scheme’s along with Government funded QLD projects.

Having run and personally funded a startup CrossFit Gym in Brisbane, Sarah understands the mechanics and difficulties associated in running a small business and prides herself on attention to detail and customer service.